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Plus Size Bra Customization Process

Customized Plus Size Bra Services For Brands

If your brand has its own bra designer, then you only need to focus on the design, and all we do is bring the design to life. We realize the seamless connection between design and plate making, so that the products can better meet the brand's market positioning.

If there is no branded bra designer, please tell me your ideas and provide physical samples, and we will help you realize new product development.

Your Design Draft

Let us add wings to your design and inspire your brand soul.Constantly create vitality for your brand and continue to grow your brand influence.

Design Sample

BELLENY will provide you with a small number of trial orders according to your design draft, and realize low-cost testing of popular products that customers need.


In addition to the demand for products and the special customization requirements for logo and packaging, these factors reasonably control the product cost within your budget.


BELLENY strictly abides by commercial secrets and keeps your design strictly confidential.


Provide a variety of packaging and transportation methods to meet your special needs for product distribution.

After-Sales Service

A professional sales team will track the progress of your order throughout the process.

Custom Sample Process

Plus Size Bra Tailor-Made Services For Brands

Depending on the size of the customer, different bra styles are suitable. For plus-size bra styles, if you put forward style requirements, it is best to provide physical samples or detailed design drafts and clear modification plans, so that the style of bra samples can be confirmed more efficiently.


Custom Plus Size Lingerie For Brands

  1. Cup&WireAccording to the design draft or sample of the bra, select the wire and cup fabric used in the bra cup, and output a custom cup design that fits.

  2. Straps&ButtonAccording to the different styles of samples and the range of sizes, we will apply the desired size of straps and buttons in accordance with international bra design standards. But if you have special needs, we can modify or customize it according to your requirements.

  3. Band&FrameCombined with the size of the bra cup, we will formulate a band and frame width that meets the requirements, and we can also optimize and upgrade it based on your requirements for this part of the size and fabric.

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Fabric Solution

  1. Combined with the high support requirements of plus size bras, we are very strict when it comes to fabric selection. For example, for the fabric of a large-size bra band, we will choose fabrics with less elasticity and good rebound, so that the band can effectively support the load-bearing of large breasts.

  2. For shoulder strap fabrics, materials, elasticity, and patterns can be customized according to customer needs, but the minimum order quantity for bras is relatively high.

  3. In terms of accessories, we use high-quality nylon material, which is not easy to loosen, and better supports the load-bearing capacity of the bra edge. Although good fabrics are expensive, we insist on quality control for high-quality products, and providing high-quality products is the first step to success.

  4. Bra fabrics can be made from off-the-shelf or custom-made fabrics. Since different countries have different inspection standards for textiles, we support the provision of environmentally friendly fabrics to customize plus-size bra products for brands. Combined with the cost budget of brand customers, we will provide professional advice on fabric selection according to your needs.

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Sample Deposit

  1. Bra production requires at least 70 processes, and the sample is to make a new product from 0 to 1. At the same time, it needs the customized support from the upstream supplier to complete, and we need to pay the other party this fee to complete the sample production.

  2. The sample deposit amount is determined according to the complexity of bra production, fabrics, craftsmanship, etc. Each style ranges from $80 to $280.

  3. The sample deposit can be fully refunded after you officially ship the bulk order.

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Sample Confirmation

  1. First Sample:Style + Size

  2. Reprint Sample: Style +Size +Fabric+Accessories

  3. Pre-production Sample:Style +Size+ Fabric+Accessories+ Color+ Logo. Remarks:The specific sample confirmation process will be adjusted according to the maturity of the sample and the urgency of production, and the sample confirmation process may be increased or decreased.

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Cooperation Brands

Provide Services For 300+ Brands

BELLENY has cooperated with many well-known international clothing brands and has rich experience in plus-size bra design. Provide strong support for the design and innovation of new products of plus size bra brands.

Let Us Help Your Brand Development Together

Let us help your brand development together

Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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