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BELLENY has been providing OEM/ODM manufacturing for internationally renowned underwear brands.

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Chairman of BELLENY

28 years OEM/ODM factory for lingerie

The earliest plus-size bra manufacturing entrepreneur in China

Professional + Service = ValueWe are proud to create confidence for plus size womenAs a woman, I know how important a well-fitting bra is to usMy choice to delve into the plus-size bra space wasn't purely commercial. In fact, in my vision behind it that motivates me deeply. 10 years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a plump female friend with a bra size of G cup, which is a rare bra size in China. She showed me her shoulders, which were deeply stretched by the bra straps which made a red mark and left her skin bloodshot. She told me how difficult it was to find a bra in the market that fit her size and style innored her specific needs.This story touched me deeply and I came to realize that the needs of plus size women have been neglected for far too long. I believe every woman should have the right to be beautiful and confident no matter what their body size. I realized that by making high quality, comfortable, stylish plus size bras, I could help them find their inner self and feel confident and beautiful. I decided to do something, and I created a line of plus-size bras. And gathered a passionate and well-trained profesDuring this journey, we faced various challenges. We are constantly developing innovative designs and materials to ensure our products provide superior support and comfort. We work closely with our designers to create styles and details that are stylish and tailored to the needs of plus-size women.

I always think that my women's plus-size underwear brand is a cause I love to help women by contributing a variety of lingerie choices to suit their specific needs.

Not only OEM, professional ODM solution

Our factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. In the 1990s, we began to engage in the production and processing of women's lingerie and the earliest OEM production. Later, I took orders independently to produce OEM products for brands.28 years, we mainly provide OEM production for international famous lingerie brands, including customized bras, swimsuits, underwear and so on. We provide ODM one-stop solution for developing enterprises.With 28 years of experience in OEM service for many internationally renowned underwear brands, we understands various bra production processes, design techniques, and fashion trends. With more knowledge and experience, we can serve every order of every clothing brand. According to the change of design style, in the process of processing, due to factors such as different sizes, different fabrics, different performance, etc., there will be differences in the shape and size of plus size bras. We have established a mature production management process that controls the shape of the plate, stabilizes the size, and completes the process.

As a bra manufacturer trusted by customers, we provide customers with one-stop solutions, and provide end customers with satisfactory and repurchased product output

We have established a close cooperative relationship with our customers, listened to their feedback and needs, and continuously improved and perfected our products. It is our greatest pride and satisfaction to see models wearing our bras, confidently showing off their beauty.

Our goal is not just to make bras, but to change women's lives. We want every woman who wears our products to feel their own beauty and worth, no matter where they are or what they do.

Social Responsibility

As a manufacturing company, create sustainable development initiatives for society

We focus on environmental protection and use sustainable materials and production processes to reduce our environmental impact. We care about the welfare and development of our employees and are committed to creating a positive, inclusive and dynamic work environment.

We are also actively involved in social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.
In our story, plus-size bras are no longer just a market need, but a symbol of strength. We hope that through our products and services, we can pledge the power of our female self-confidence. BELLENY pays attention to the health of women's breasts and advocates women's sexy and confident charm. Proud to manufacture comfortable, sexy, high-quality women's plus size underwear for women with large breasts. Our story continues and we will continue to work hard to bring more choice, confidence and beauty to every plus size woman.

What's BELLENY's team like?

What Keeps Our Business Thriving?

R & D team

Our designers have rich design experience and use the world's most advanced design software to quickly make models according to drafts. We also have a professional sample department that can quickly make samples for customers.Our professional sample R&D team conducts rapid proofing through the designer's design drawings, and iteratively updates and upgrades samples efficiently. Provide efficient service guarantee for customers' new products.

Quality Team

We have a professional quality inspection team to conduct material inspection during incoming materials, and each production line has a corresponding QC responsible for solving quality problems from the beginning. The finished product inspection before the final shipment, conducts a comprehensive inspection of the product from all aspects, such as clothing color, craftsmanship, labeling and other quality assurance.

Tailoring the team

Our cutting is divided into manual cutting and computer cutting. The embroidery lace adopts manual cutting, and the computer cutting uses the most advanced Fuyi software, which helps to maximize the utilization of fabrics and reduce costs as much as possible. Our fully automatic fabric unscrambling and cutting machines imported from Germany can ensure that every cutting is accurate.

Purchasing Team

We have a professional procurement team, carry out professional assessment management on suppliers, and cultivate a long-term and stable supplier cooperation team. We control the quality of products and the specifications of different batches of products.

What's the BELLENY Solutions?

One Stop Solution

Customization service

We offer personalized lingerie custom service


Long-term cooperation with logistics companies for fast delivery, real-time tracking, and ensuring the safety of goods


Which provide fabrics to that procurement service to ensure by our customers high-quality fabric to leave clothing quality meets standards


Provide quality control service to ensure that the produced clothing meets the required standards

Design and sell proposals

Provide design and sales solutions for customers

After-sales service

24-hour online after-sales service for quick response and attentive service.

Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
Quick Proofing
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
Quality Assurance
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
28 Years Experience

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One of the leading D+ plus lingerie designers and manufacturers in China, providing plus size bra one-stop solution.

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