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Plus Size Bra Customization Process

Customized Plus Size Bra Services For Retailers & Agents

BELLENY provides D+ plus size bra customization services to meet the unique needs of your lingerie market group. With over 28 years of experience in wholesale and custom plus size bras, BELLENY can provide you with the highest quality solutions for your specific needs.

Your Thoughts

Tell me what you think, combined with the overall market demand for plus-size bras, and we will make in stock inventory plan.

Pre-sale Product List

BELLENY can regularly produce off-the-shelf products according to the style needs fed back by retailers, and realize a dynamic inventory management mechanism that meets market demand.


With a reasonable plan to save you procurement costs, transportation costs, production cycle, labor costs.


BELLENY strictly abides by trade secrets. In order to prevent infringement, we will carry out differentiated designs for brand products on the market.


According to the needs of retailers, provide customized packaging and shipping methods to meet your special needs for product distribution.

After-Sales Service

A professional sales team will track the progress of your order throughout the process.

Custom Service Form For Retailers & Agents

Small Quantity Order Service

According to the customer's market, it is suitable for different bra styles. For plus-size bra styles, please provide specific style pictures or physical samples, so that we can have a clearer understanding of retailers' needs for bra styles.


Products Solution

  1. Pre-sale ProductsBELLENY has a long-term production style. Since the product is a pre-sale system, it needs to be booked in advance. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and 50% of the payment is paid. The estimated production cycle is 30-60 days.

  2. Combination ProductsAccording to the needs of retailers, three customers can make orders at the same time, and the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. Pay 50% of the payment. The estimated production cycle is 60-90 days.

  3. In Stock ProductsThere are large number of lingerie products in stock available for sale.

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Model Picture Service

  1. BELLENY has long-term cooperation with model companies, and can provide you with paid model pictures and video shooting services.

  2. The minimum order quantity is 5 sets of styles, plus size model resources.

  3. Provide picture content such as refined pictures and white background pictures.

  4. For other customized e-commerce needs, please contact us.

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Pack & Ship

Pack & Ship Service

  1. MOQ for custom labels depends on the title material and content. Long-term cooperative customers can customize the number of labels for the whole year, keep them in our warehouse, and use them each time.

  2. Accept dropshipping service.

  3. Custom packaging and shipping will incur a service fee.

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Transportation Service

  • BELLENY can help you find a logistics agency. Measure the weight of the product, paste the customer information, and send the product to the designated logistics warehouse.

Transportation Solution

  1. For sample service, it is recommended to send international express, and you can choose the logistics company for the service according to the local express service situation.

  2. If the quantity is small and the product is urgently sold, it is recommended to send it by air. The estimated time limit is 5-10 days.

  3. If the quantity is large, it is recommended to ship by sea, the minimum order quantity is generally 0.5CBM. The estimated time limit is 15-45 days.

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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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