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Custom Plus Size Mastectomy Bras

Custom Plus Size Mastectomy Bras

Plus Size Mastectomy Bras Benefits

For individuals who have undergone mastectomy surgery, finding the perfect bra that provides support and enhances confidence is crucial. Plus size mastectomy bras have emerged as a solution, catering to the needs of those seeking both comfort and style.

Soft and Breathable Fabrics
Skin sensitivity is common post-mastectomy, and plus size mastectomy bras often use soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle on the skin. Cotton and microfiber blends are popular choices, allowing for comfort and minimizing irritation.

Pocketed Cups
Most mastectomy bras have pockets on both sides to hold breast prostheses securely in place. These pockets are usually made of soft, breathable material to minimize irritation.

Full Coverage
Plus size mastectomy bras offer full coverage, ensuring no gaps or spillage. This feature enhances comfort and boosts confidence by providing a seamless silhouette.

Wide Shoulder Straps
Comfort is paramount, and wide shoulder straps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on the shoulders. Plus size mastectomy bras incorporate broader straps to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Post-Surgery Healing
Certain mastectomy bras are specially designed for the immediate post-surgery period. These bras may have additional features like front zippers, easy access for medical professionals, and gentle compression to aid in the healing process.

Plus Size Mastectomy Bra Designs

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Why Choose BELLENY as Your Plus Size Mastectomy Bra Manufacturer?

At BELLENY, we understand the unique needs of women who have undergone mastectomy surgery. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to crafting the finest plus-size mastectomy bras that offer both exceptional comfort and style.

Expertise and Experience
With a wealth of experience in crafting mastectomy bras, especially tailored for plus-size individuals, we boast a team of seasoned professionals who possess a deep understanding of the unique requirements and preferences within this market segment.

Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity ensures that we provide an extensive range of sizes, catering to breast cancer survivors of all body types. Recognizing the individuality of each body, we are dedicated to meeting diverse needs.

High-Quality Materials
Quality is our utmost priority. We meticulously select premium materials that not only deliver comfort but also provide a gentle touch to sensitive post-surgery skin. Our bras are meticulously designed to blend comfort with confidence.

Innovative Design
We invest significantly in research and development to introduce innovative features into our mastectomy bra designs. Our products encompass attributes such as specialized pockets for breast forms, adjustable straps, and appealing aesthetics to ensure your customers feel both stylish and secure.

Customization Options
Recognizing the uniqueness of each brand, we offer customization options. Be it color palettes, strap styles, or fabric preferences, we tailor our products to align with your brand's distinctive requirements.

Competitive Pricing
We comprehend the importance of affordability. Our pricing structure is strategically positioned to enable you to offer top-notch mastectomy bras to your customers at a competitive price point.

Reliable Supply Chain
We maintain an efficient and dependable supply chain to guarantee that your inventory remains consistently stocked. Timely delivery is paramount in the retail industry, and we are committed to fulfilling your demands promptly.
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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Custom Plus Size Bras Design Manufacture
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