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How to Design and Produce a Post-Op Pocket Mastectomy Bra?

How to Design and Produce a Post-Op Pocket Mastectomy Bra?

Aug 31,2023
Mastectomy bra is a female item that protects breasts and carries postoperative breast implants. It generally consists of front buckles, back buckles, shoulder straps, side wings, adjustment buckles, pocket pockets for carrying breast implants, etc. The main function of the artificial breast bra is to fix the artificial breast, which is the most fundamental difference from ordinary bras.
custom mastectomy bra
1. Cup features mastectomy bras are generally designed with full cups. The higher neckline design can completely cover the breasts. There are more wireless designs, which add a sense of comfort and security.

2. Shoulder Strap Features The shoulder straps of prosthetic bras generally use wider shoulder straps, which can enhance stability and reduce the burden on the shoulders; the shoulder straps of prosthetic bras are generally fixed shoulder straps, which can effectively prevent the prosthetic breast from sliding and Rocking back and forth. For postoperative patients who need special care, a detachable shoulder strap will be designed to facilitate putting on and taking off and adjusting the fixed position.

3. Features of the adjustment buckle mastectomy bras generally use three rows of three-position buckles, which can strengthen the supporting force and make it more stable and comfortable to wear. The rear adjustment buckle will not touch the wound. For postoperative patients with special care, an adjustment method of front opening buckle will be designed to facilitate putting on and taking off and adjust the position of the hook to reduce pain.

4. Features of the pocket inside the cup. The pocket of the prosthetic bra has an internal pocket, which can be used with the prosthetic breast. The prosthetic bra has a vertical opening, and the inner cup is pressed on the left and right. After the prosthetic breast is put in, the prosthetic breast can be completely wrapped and fixed effectively. Prosthetic breasts.

5. Features of the steel support mastectomy bras generally use a soft steel support, which is soft and comfortable to wear, has a good shape, and can also effectively protect the wound.

6. Horizontal and vertical pocket design The prosthetic bra can be placed vertically according to the actual situation of the user (focus on making up the collarbone).
custom full coverage in front close mastectomy bra

Classifications of Mastectomy Bras

1. According to whether it has a steel ring or not, it can be divided into: prosthetic breast bras with steel rings and prosthetic breast bras without steel rings.

2. According to whether it is a tube top type or not, breast implants bras can be divided into: tube top breast implants bras and non-tube top breast implants bras.

3. Breast implants bras can be divided into breast implants bras with front buttons and breast implants bras with back buttons according to whether they are front-opened or not.

4. Prosthetic breast bras can be divided into: black, white, skin color, champagne and other colors of prosthetic breast bras according to color.

5. According to the function of mastectomy bras, it can be divided into: ordinary mastectomy bras and professional mastectomy bras.

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